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Traditional Folklore Educative Association called “Π.Α.Λ.ΜΟ.Σ”

The Traditional Folklore Educative Association called “Π.Α.Λ.ΜΟ.Σ” (NAMED BY THE INITIALS OF THE GREEK WORD FOR VIBRATION) was founded on the basis of a concept of the maintenance of our cultural heritage in all its levels as those are expressed by dance, music, songs, art of costumes and customs.

In order to materialize all those we aim at an EXPERIENTIAL APPROACH through which all the values of our culture become a way of life for all our members. We aspire to become “LIVE CELLS” that will maintain and transmit all the above elements with liveliness and vibration.

Giorgos Lazarou is in charge of all that effort, having a 20 years experience as a teacher, researcher, musician, dancer of traditional dances having attended and organized a great number of folklore events.

He is followed by appreciable individuals that are devoted and given their soul, contributing to further growth of the association.

The idea of the creation of the association was born in 2000 and since then has developed rich actions such as participation in dancing performances in Greece and abroad, organizing folklore seminars, publishing articles and so on.

Moreover, various activities have been scheduled for the near future in order to help to a better and closer approach of its goals mentioned above.

Each one of its members has a different cultural background and that is what makes the difference among other similar organisations.